Three advanced level fingerstyle exercises are presented on this page.

Exercise 1
This fragment features a melody combined with a walking bass on the first and third beat of each bar.
The melody part of the first bar contains two hammer-ons. The third bar contains a double pull-off and a slide. Prior to the double pull-off, both the left hand index finger and little finger fret the first string. After this string is played, a pull-off is played with the little finger, and thereafter with the index finger.

Exercise 2
This exercise combines a melody, walking bass, accompanying chords and percussive effects.
Each second and fourth beat contains a percussive effect where the palm of the hand slaps the bass strings against the fretboard. Sometimes the middle finger simultaneously strums the treble strings, in order to add some accompaniment.

Exercise 3
The fragment starts fairly easy, but in the second bar a large stretch between the index finger and the little finger is required. The little finger should stay on this position throughout the whole bar in order for the bass note to sustain.
Both the second and fourth bar contain strums. These strums can be played either with the index finger or the middle finger.
Please mind the volume differences between the notes. The strums as well as the percussive element in the last bar are to be played gently, almost like a background effect.