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This page contains three additional exercises, in order of increasing difficulty.

Exercise 1 – Beginner
In this fragment, a bass note is played on each beat. The bass notes on the first beat of each bar are played slightly louder than the ones on the second and third beat. The first beat of each bar also contains either one or two melody notes.
This exercise suits the fragments as presented in the simultaneous notes lesson.

Exercise 2 – Intermediate
This fragment contains a traditional alternating bass.
On the beats, the bass notes are accompanied with melody notes. In between each beat a bass note is played on the fourth string.
The melody notes are played alternately between the index and the middle finger, as is seen by the ‘i’ and ‘m’ above the sheet music.

Exercise 3 – Advanced
A large stretch between the left hand index finger and little finger is required in both the second and third bar. The little finger should not be lifted from the seventh fret until the next melody note is played, but at the same time the index finger is needed in order to fret the third position.
In the last bar a large stretch is required again, now between the ring finger and index finger.